The research activities of the National Higher School for Hydraulics integrate the socio-economic realities of the country in order to take into account nowadays constraints and future challenges. The heavy exploitation of natural resources generated by the socio-economic development of Algeria may lead to neglecting certain environmental and human aspects that are essential to its sustainable development. The research projects conducted by the School’s researchers tend to anticipate development needs for better management of water resources.


Project Manager Title Observation
MEDDI Mohamed Artificial recharge of the Mitidja aquifer Project start May 2, 2011Final Report of the PNR Project
MESSAHEL Mekki Study and valorization of purified water in irrigation (case of the agricultural perimeters of Mitidja, EV2 EL-Mitidja) Project start May 2, 2011Final Report of the PNR Project
RASSOUL Abdelaziz Application of extreme value theory to estimate some probabilistic tools in hydrology and actuarial science Project start May 2, 2011Final Report of the PNR Project


Projet Manager Code Title Status
TOUAIBIA Bénina F05320070001 Drought and Torrential Floods: Study, Forecasting and Protection: Case of River Basins Completed

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SALAH Boualem G05320080001 Study of the transient regime in networks under pressure Completed

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KHETTAL Tahar J0405320070999 Impact of reservoirs on water quality Completed

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AMMOUR Fadila 05320060001 Study of the behavior of heavy metals in the water – soil – plant complex and contribution to their elimination by different algal species. Completed

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TOUAIBIA Bénina F05320100001 Contribution to the water resources management to climate change. completed

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KHODJET El KESBA Omar J0405320100003 Optimization of hydroelectric and pumping stations and use of renewable energies Completed

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MEDDI Mohamed G05320100002 Water Resources and Irrigation in the Mitidja Plain Completed

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HASSANE Mohamed J0405320110001 Reduction of water losses in the drinking water supply chain Completed

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AMMOUR  Fadhila F05320110002 Ecological and health consequences of the bioavailability and toxicity of endocrine disruptors in raw and treated wastewater from wastewater treatment plants. Application of new technologies in the elimination of these micropollutants Completed

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MEDDI Mohamed E03L01ES090120140004 Drought and natural resources in the central and western regions of Algeria In progress
MIHOUBI M.Kamel J0405320140003 Probabilistic study of failure and vulnerability of concrete dams In progress
MEDDI Hind J0405320140002 Climate change and water and soil resources in some basins of northern Algeria In progress
AZIB Maklouf E03L01ES090120150001 Use of remote sensing and GIS in the management of surface water resources In progress


Reference Representatives Partner Countries Title
MEDITERRANEAN SCIENTIFIC INTER-UNIVERSITY RESEARCH PROJECT (MeRSI) -Pr.MEDDI Mohamed (ENSH)To follow the activities within the framework of the execution of the SIGMED project, please consult the following website: Algeria, Morocco, France Spatialized Approach to the Impact of Agricultural Activities on Solid Transport and Water Resources in Large Watersheds in the Maghreb.


(In progress)

Reference Representatives Partner Countries Title


-Pr.RAZACKMoumtaz(University of Poitiers)- Pr.MEDDI Mohamed(ENSH)Pr. BEDRI Kurtulus(University of Mugla ) Algeria, France, Turkey Groundwater Resilience to Climate Change and High Pressure within an IWRM Approach


TASSILI PROJECT Pr.MEDDI Mohamed (ENSH)Pr.MAHE Gil(IRD-Montpellier-france) Algeria, France Role of climate on the decline of sedimentary inputs to the Oued Cheliff coast and on extreme events.
TASSILI PROJECT Pr. Mustapha Kamel MIHOUBI (ENSH)Pr.Simone NICULESCU(UBO-Brest-France) Algeria, France Contribution of remote sensing to the study of coastal risks (West-Algerian coast).

 D – Research Project accepted as part of the NATIONAL CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR STUDY AND RESEARCH PROJECTS IN THE FIELD OF CLIMATE CHANGE – Ministry of Spatial Planning, Environment and Tourism (Completed)

Responsable Universités Partenaires Intitulé
MEDDI Mohamed – Ntional Higher School for Hydraulics- University Center of Khemis Miliana Impact of climate change on surface water resources and drought prediction in northwestern Algeria.